Closing the Medical Oxygen Gap in Sub-Saharan Africa

Insights | Research and Analysis – Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) has historically suffered from an acute shortage of medical oxygen. Most…

Why Primary Healthcare in India Needs a New Delivery Model

Insights | Blog – Krisha Mathur’s analysis of the broken continuum of care in India.

Why I do What I am Doing

Insights | Blog – How Dr. Napa’s experience in southern India led him to dedicate a life to battling global…

Application of Low-Energy Battery Driven Technologies in 500 Watt Clinics

Insights | Blog – Ruth Njuguna examines how low-energy battery driven technologies are game-changers in rural areas.

The Universal Clinic: A New Paradigm for Rural Health Care?

Insights | Blog – Subarna Mitra examines how advances in medicine over the past 100 years have made it possible…
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