Nature's most powerful waste treatment system

About 2 billon people around the world do not have access to sanitation and 1.7 billion people live under water-stressed conditions. We've built the most eco-friendly, affordable solution with our Tiger Biofilter technology, eliminating 99% of fecal pathogens and creating reusable non-potable water.

About vermifiltration

Our Tiger Biofilter technology has rapidly scaled into one of the most widely-deployed natural, decentralized sanitation/sewage treatment technologies in the world. In just 4 years it has scaled to treat the waste of over 100,000 people. The technology uses a species of earthworms (known as Tiger Worms) with a natural filtration process to effectively treat fecal and sewage waste.

Worm-powered technology

  • The tiger worm (Eisenia fetida) is an earthworm species long known for digesting organic material
  • These worms thrive in moist soil, rotting vegetation, manure and fecal waste, consuming pathogens and converting the waste into gas and compost
  • Local subspecies are found in most parts of the world, especially in tropical climates
  • Worm ecosystem operates on self-regulating basis: population increases and decreases based on resources available

Our products

Municipal sewage treatment plant

Target Customers

Municipal governments

Onsite sewage treatment system

Target Customers

Apartment building managers

Real estate developers

Factory owners

Operators of community spaces like schools

Remote sludge treatment plant

Target Customers

Municipal governments

Septic tank cleaning services

Household toilets

Target Customers


Campsite operators

Vermifiltration compared to sewage treatment alternatives


Where we're working


Treating waste generated by 100,000 people in India, in rural, peri-urban and urban settings.

All four products deployed across India.

0.5 MLD plant commissioned by city of Pune with 2 years of continuous operation with 100% of treated water reused for irrigation.

Continued expansion of all four products in municipalities, apartment buildings and factories, schools and homes.


Hawai'i has a massive sewage problem the world has never heard of. Nearly 90,000 homes discharge their waste—collectively over 50 million gallons daily—directly into holes in the ground (known as cesspools).

Our TBF system is the most affordable and effective solution compared to the alternative septic tank which costs between $10,000-$25,000.

In partnership with the Hawai’i Dept of Health, we are launching an ambitious initiative to use this system and solve the state’s sewage problems, with independent testing by the University of Hawai'i.

A Scientific Approach with Independent Validation

Vermifiltration has become increasingly recognized as an effective waste-treatment system in academic research. We employ rigorous scientific testing of all products and deploy independent, third-party validation.

Our team

With several decades of experience spanning multiple geographies and technologies, the team represents exceptional technical expertise, business acumen, and the essential on-the-ground experience to bring the Tiger Biofilter solutions to massive scale.

Shashi Buluswar


Ajeet Oak


Noha El-Ghobashy


Roger Sathre

Chief Scientist

Suvarna Savant

Environmental Specialist

A Proven Model for Scale

TBF Solutions creates local subsidiaries or launches joint ventures with in-country partners who have an established footprint and robust infrastructure. In 2020 we spun off TBF Solutions to scale in various locations.