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Solar Mini-Grids

Bringing clean, reliable and affordable electricity to 2.5 million people by 2020. 150 million by 2030.


Although off-grid solutions have reached close to 360 million households across India and Sub-Saharan Africa, they can only service micro loads such as a single lightbulb or a phone charger. While light from a single bulb can only go so far, having the ability to plug in income-generating devices will significantly transform lives.


ITT’s Utility-in-a-Box is a pre-assembled, modular mini-grid system that has achieved significant cost reduction compared to the next lowest-cost provider, while meeting the demands of larger and more numerous loads. These households are now able to affordably and efficiently power income-generating appliances such as groundwater pumps and commerical refrigerators.


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Our solution: a turnkey modular system that can be assembled anywhere.


ITT delivers a full turnkey system for mini-grid operators, including the complete hardware, the end-to-end installation and a comprehensive aftersales service package. A key component of the UiB is a proprietary new smart-meter (LITT), which also achieves a significant cost reduction over the most affordable options currently on the market and can be used as a standalone product in both off-grid and grid-connected settings.


The results


Shortly after a successful deployment of 120 LiTT meters and two UiBs in India's northern states of UP and Bihar, ITT's scaling partner, Tata Power, is looking to build an additional 1000 to 1500 new mini-grids, likely to be in the 30-100 kW range at the smaller end of the spectrum. The expansion is anticipated to provide electricity for an additional 2.5 million people and service over 25,000 small enterprises.



Looking Forward


Given the inherent limitations of the prevalent lead acid battery chemistry, ITT has partnered with Tata Power to setup a laboratory near New Delhi to experiment with a number of emerging battery storage solutions. Advanced lead acid, Gel-based batteries, and lithium ion are some of the options currently being evaluated. As the different hardware and energy distribution business pick up in 2019, ITT will also evaluate the on-field applicability of these different battery technologies.


ITT is working closely with Tata Power to jointly develop and ambitious plan aimed at electrifying tens of thousands of villages in India's poorest states, with plans to launch in Q3 of 2019.


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