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Ruth Njuguna


Ruth is the founder and CEO of TopCare Clinics in Kenya, a small chain of private clinics dedicated to providing quality healthcare to low-income women and children. Ruth will lead clinical trials and operations for ITT’s Universal Clinics Project, in Kenya.

Ruth started her career as a nurse in January 2000, and has deep first-hand experience in mother, newborn, and child health. Having seen the immense need for basic quality healthcare among low-income communities, she went on to set up TopCare Clinic in 2009. The clinic today serves approximately 15,000 people annually and is well known for affordable care and high quality.

Ruth holds a diploma in community health nursing and midwifery, HIV – AIDS care, counseling, reproductive healthcare and various short courses related to health management. She is currently also pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurship option), with the aim to expand her healthcare business.