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Primary Care Model

Tackling the primary healthcare challenge in countries around South Asia and Africa.


There is ample evidence that primary care is capable of managing 90% of healthcare demands. ITT's initial objective was to identify and curate the most compelling breakthrough technologies needed to support a last mile primary care delivery model. However, through our journey, we discovered the need for not just the right technology, but also the right delivery model. A strong people-centered delivery model that uses technology effectively to deliver care and improve outcomes dramatically.



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Our solution: nurse-led technology-enabled primary care


The Universal Clinic (UC) is a two-part system:


(i) an integrated suite of the key technologies required for primary care in low-resource settings (point-of-care diagnostics, a digital platform for patient and clinic management, a core set of therapeutic devices such as infant warmers, and utilities such as a solar-powered vaccine fridge); and


(ii) a healthcare delivery model which includes robust clinical protocols to address the primary care conditions relevant to the target community, training modules, a customer-service interface to track patient satisfaction and engagement and a data platform for tracking patient health outcomes.


Where applicable, the clinics are deployed around a "hub", an existing advance healthcare facility that will manage complicated cases, provide technical and management support including ambulatory services, nurse training, etc.


The results


We have opened five clinics in India with a catchment population of 25,000 and report that:

- 1000+ patient consultations in year one of operations

- 89% of patients are "highly satisfied" with their experience

- 40-60% improvement in clinical skills test scores

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