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Tareesh Thomas


As Communications Designs Officer at the Institute for Transformative Technologies in Mumbai, Tareesh develops all branding and outreach collaterals for ITT’s portfolio in Sanitation, Healthcare, and Electrification.

Tareesh has previously worked as Art Director at Digital Driftwood, a marketing agency in Mumbai, where he conceptualized brand campaigns and developed strategies for print and digital media. He had a chance to work with a range of local and international brands including L’Oreal, ICICI Bank, Yahoo, Timesaverz etc.

He also worked at various Mumbai-based design agencies, including Design of Information and Aurave Media, where he created digital brand campaigns. He is an experienced Freelance Illustrator and Designer, specializing in hand-drawn artworks.

Tareesh holds a degree in Bachelors of Design in Multimedia from the Raffles Design Institute in Mumbai. In his free time, he enjoys sketching, reading a variety of books, travelling and watching cinema.