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Stephanie Santoso

Strategic Advisor

At ITT, Stephanie is responsible for developing a long-term strategy for the 50 Breakthroughs initiative, which will include building deep partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders from universities, companies and foundations to community organizations, start-ups and policymakers. The initiative is based on ITT’s 50 Breakthroughs research study, which identifies the critical scientific and technological advances needed for sustainable global development.

Stephanie has previously served as the first Senior Advisor for Making at the White House, where she helped develop former US President Barack Obama’s Nation of Makers initiative, to broaden access to the Maker Movement. This included planning the first-ever White House Maker Faire and the National Week of Making. As Senior Advisor for Making, she worked closely with federal agencies, mayors, maker spaces, libraries, museums, companies, foundations, universities and K-12 schools. The partnerships created more opportunities for individuals to engage in local and global problem solving, fostering entrepreneurship, expanding local manufacturing and broadening access to hands-on, real-world learning for students.

She is currently a Senior Program Fellow at Infosys Foundation USA, which focuses on expanding opportunities for students to engage in computer science and maker education experiences. At the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, she helped the foundation ramp up their Moore Inventor Fellows program, which is aimed at supporting early-career innovators with promising inventions addressing pressing issues in science, environmental conservation and patient care.

Stephanie has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Media Studies from the University of Virginia, and an MS in Information Management from Syracuse University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Information Science at Cornell University, where her research examines the role of open source and intellectual property on the development of emerging technologies.

She loves jazz, and is teaching herself the ukulele. She is an avid sewer too. She is based in Palo Alto, and her family is originally from Indonesia.